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Making Wash Day Fun And Tear FreeWith A Kid Friendly Shampoo Bed

As a parent, perhaps your biggest challenge is to wash your child’s hair over a sink. You have to steady the child with one hand and use the other to rub shampoo in their hair.  

Even though children try to shield their eyes and face from lather and water, some shampoo does get into their eyes. Also, supporting the child while washing their hair is another big struggle. 

That’s why many children dread having their parents wash their hair because they don’t feel completely supported and they fear getting shampoo and water in their eyes and ears.  

Shampoo Me Kids makes the hair washing process easier and less traumatic for both the parent and the child. It’s a shampoo mat for kids aged 1-6 with an adjustable entertainment bar that you can place over your sink. As your child lays on it while getting their hair washed, they can watch their favorite show on the cell phone.  

The shampoo bed includes:  

  • A soft base
  • A belt looped over the base
  • A Velcro piece attachment
  • An adjustable entertainment bar

Simplify Wash Days for Kids With These Key Features

  • Shampoo Me Kids is contoured for a child’s body shape so the child can lie down comfortably. 
  • Adjustable entertainment bar allows you to place your cell phone right in front of the child’s face. 
  • The right level of elevation protects the child’s face, eyes, and ears from water and lather. 
  • The shampoo bed has a replaceable padded cushion lining made of durable and recycled materials, making it eco-friendly. 
  • Reliably constructed, the assembly remains in shape even after long time usage. 
  • It is lightweight yet has a durable assembly for kids. 
  • It is relatively simple in structure and can be configured easily. 
  • A Velcro neck piece attachment ensures your child remains safe and comfortable. 
  • A travel-friendly, collapsible assembly makes it easy to store or carry easily. 

Why Choose Shampoo Me Kids?

  • Whether you have a baby, toddler, or small child, they can sit comfortably without worrying about slipping or losing support. 
  • The child can enjoy their favorite cartoon or show while you’re washing their hair. 
  • No need to worry about shampoo or water getting into your child’s eyes and ears. 
  • Light weight, collapsible assemble, and portable design make it easy to store and carry when traveling. 
  • Your child will love hair wash time instead of dreading it. 
  • It’s relatively inexpensive, making it good value for money. It’s perfect for everyday use as well as for gifting purposes. 
  • Durable design can sustain its effectiveness after multiple and consistent use. 


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